Jess and Maddy


Canadian country folk duo Jess and Maddy have fused their stylings of joyous and somber songs to create a unique experience of a heartwarming atmosphere at each show. Accompanied by an arrangement of instruments from guitar and fiddle to mandolin, ukulele and stomp box. Their music will soon be heard in the UK, as they journey over to experience the Celtic musical culture first hand. As they explore the rich culture of Scotland and Ireland, they hope to incorporate the traditional styles into their own music.

Jessica Pearson

I am a storyteller. Through my songwriting I tell tales of love, sorrow, heart break, laughter, family, betrayl, first experiences and much more. I love being able to create stories by taking pieces of my own life and pieces from what I see around me and layer it all together to create a song.


Growing up on the country side of Clarence, I was surrounded by country and bluegrass music. Taking to my roots, I had the need to learn guitar and mandolin. After many years of playing the musc of the greats, I found my ow voice. Mixing my roots with my folky style of songwriting, I created a sound that was all my own.


After releasing my debut album, 'Country in Us' in August of 2015, i wanted to take time to focus on my music and songwriting. Going from playing with my full band to my acoustic group, we've played multiple shows all over Ottawa.


Starting the project J.A.M. with Maddy is a discovery of our creatve music and style together. It is the start of a long and exciting journey that will take us to great places I am looking forward to seeing.







Maddy O'Regan

My first violin was a Kleenex box with a ruler taped on as the fingerboard. Raised on the Suzuki method, with a Suzuki violin teach as a mother, I grew up in a very classical setting in the Ottawa, ON music scene.


Patient child/young teen of Suzuki group classes every Saturday; member of the well-known Ottawa Youth Orchestra (Junior and Senior level); and proud graduate of the Canterbury music department - these were defining moments that shaped my musical perspective and sound.


Canterbury introduced me to a range of artistic styles and mediums, and gave all students the tools and encouragement to explore new and creative ways of piecing these mediums together.


Influencing my teen years and gearing myself up to find my own style, a few prominent artists helped shape my music. Hey Rosetta! gave me the inspiration of testing the blend and balance of lyrics, emotions, and melody, and producing soft-indie songs, with rhythmically hypnotic ukulele accompaniment.


Going back to my roots on the violin, playing as the fiddle sub in “The Musettes” in 2013 was the initial leap from the classical settings, to the outside world of music that I had yet to experience for myself. Playing with these lovely ladies gave me my first real insight into the Ottawa music scene, and it was spectacular.


After a few years of University concentration, playing with the Jessica Pearson Band has brought back the folk/country roots from the summer fiddle camp days, and has let me further explore a true band experience, playing with different instruments and adding in harmonies.

J.A.M is in Ireland!

Tour Dates


May 26th - The Chandelier Sessions, Dublin Ireland

May 28th - O'Donoghues, Dublin Ireland

May 29th - Apollo Sessions, Dublin Ireland

May 30th - Whelans Live Song Cycle, Dublin Ireland

May 31st - Roisin Dubh Showcase, Galway Ireland

June 3rd - Galway Folk Club, Galway Ireland

June 6th - SunnyBank Trad Session, Dublin Ireland

June 8th - The International Bar, Dublin Ireland

June 13th - Sin E Sessions, Dublin Ireland

June 14th - The Ruby Sessions, Dublin Ireland