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After their first international tour throughout Ireland, Jessica Pearson and the East Wind released their first single “Think of Me” in late 2016, which reflected a blend of country roots, bluegrass and folk with an infusion of their newly acquired Celtic sound. The band’s music has been described as Nickel Creek meets Great Big Sea.


In 2015, singer-songwriter Jessica Pearson released a solo album in her hometown of Ottawa before she formed the group, where she’s been performing since the age of 14. Writing since she was a child, Pearson was first inspired by the sounds of legends like Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn. Pearson graduated from St. Lawrence College for Musical Theatre Performance before moving to Calgary where she performed around the city, including the Calgary Stampede. Pearson is now located in Ottawa and traveling back and forth to Nashville, writing and performing.


Fiddle player Maddy O’Regan met Pearson in the summer of 2015 for the solo album’s release. Growing up in Ottawa and following her family trend, O’Regan has trained on the violin since she was 4 years old. Together, the duo started playing shows in Ottawa and recently attended a songwriting workshop in Scotland during Summer 2016. Not long after their trip did the last member of the band join; bassist Pat Bigelow who is studying double bass performance at the University of Ottawa under virtuoso Joel Quarrington. Bigelow was the perfect find and the last heave-ho before delving into the recording of their first EP as a trio. Past performances include the Calgary Stampede, Toronto Ex and Mountain Man Festival. They have also played with Hillsburn, the East Pointers, Murder Murder and Ten Strings and a Goat Skin!


Jessica Pearson and the East Wind have recently signed with Willow Sound Records and released their debut EP, 'Grave and Garden Songs', in the July 8th, 2017. This EP tells a story of their adventure to find their sound and voice as a trio, blending together their roots of folk, country and celtic music. Jessica Pearson and the East Wind’s dynamic live shows take you on a journey through their lives with heartwarming harmonies, the liveliness of maritime kitchen parties, and intimate traditional melodies. The band is known for its strong audience engagement during shows and will be starting their Ontario wide tour, Grave and Garden Tour, this August!

Quotes From The Press



"Jessica is a talented singer-songwriter with outstanding stage presence. She engages and entertains the audience with original material and familiar sing-a-longs that are both impressive and charming."


     - Rachel Weldon, OMIC

“…Jessica has as gorgeous a personality as a voice. Poised and classy, with enough down-to-earth country charm in her to be relatable…”

     - Maria Clara Charron

"Jessica is wonderfully gifted writer and performer. Her voice echoes yesterday and today...and her heart is made of music"


     - Tara Shannon, Willow Sound Records

“Drawn from varied influences, on the surface it seems easy enough to put into a box. It doesn't take long to realize that this is the work of a gifted songwriter. Further blurring the lines of Canadiana, taking the best parts of Country, Folk and Pop music and turning it into something all [their] own."


     - Phil Shirakawa,


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